I can not believe it has been almost one full year since I opened Sunflower Productions THANK YOU all for being such great clients. I have enjoyed getting to know every single one of you! Working with you has been such a joy, not many people can say that they love what they do. You have made that possible, and are continuing to make it possible for the next year.

Thank you to my wonderful staff, for being great with people, fun loving and AWESOME at what you do! My amazing family, friends & boyfriend for being my ‘Rock’ through all the up’s and down’s over the year. My mom and dad let me take over our basement for goodness sakes. I don’t think I could pay for a better support system. It has been one crazy ride, and has taken over my life. Thank you for standing by my side and helping me when you could. Benjamin, thank you for making me take a day off work. I know that sounds silly, but my mind wont stop thinking of Sunflower! I can’t thank everyone enough!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Stay safe, and see you next year!