It’s been one heck of a wonderful year here at Sunflower Productions, and that my dear friends, is all thanks to YOU!


Every year I like to post a few ( ok more than a few ) favorite images from the past year that I was able to capture… now I would post WAY more, but no one would want to read that post.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping my dream alive, and allowing me to capture and be apart of all of your special memories! Sunflower means the absolute world to me, and provides so many wonderful things for my family. I can’t wait until you see the BIG things to come in 2017!


This family changed my life, forever, in the most amazing ways! Keep a look out for big things to come from the founder of the Purple Polka Dot 5K!


For Vintage Bound LLC and Joanne who is going to help make so many pretty pictures next year!


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Working with amazing business like Dr.Zanetti Dental in Farmington, Geralds Salon and Hugh Irwin is so much fun, and I learn so much about other businesses in the area! And who wouldn’t love to hang out with Cows at Calders Dairy – and try on all of the Hand Crafted Bling at 14K Jeweler!?


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My 2016 Brides and Grooms always kept me swooning, and my engagement sessions are really picking up for 2017 couples!! I can’t wait!

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And my wonderful Family, Children’s and Senior Portraits – you keep me busy all year round, and for that, I am honored and so thankful!


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Love Each other


Dakota Roos