To say this was a fun day… is an understatement. This was a party, and when the DJ  said ” This is going to be the best wedding of the year”  He meant it! #Clandt2017

Claire and Brandt are ALWAYS laughing, and its contagious. Back when these love birds and I were talking about their big day – they described it as ” CRY FEST 2017 ” … it lived up to the hype – happy tears were the name of the game, and I am pretty sure I cried most of the wedding day… along with everyone else celebrating the love. Full of surprises, Claire’s brother surprised the whole family by showing up for the wedding day. He is currently serving our country in the Navy – and didn’t know if he could make it until TWO DAYS BEFORE! So what better of a surprise !!

The truck Brandt had been working so hard on for months – also made a cameo and some AMAZING portraits came along with it. Claire’s attention to detail really showed at every point throughout this gorgeous day – and I was so honored to be apart of it

The bridal party also being full of hilarious, beautiful people, made our jobs super easy 😉 Beer, Wine, and Moonshine party favors – ummmm yeah, this was gearing up to be party.


I can’t even describe the love that filled the room – all night laughter and well wishes surrounded the couple, and it was a magical thing to behold. It was a great way to kick off this busy fall wedding season .


Thank you Claire and Brandt – may all your dreams come true, and may your love grow even stronger from this day forward.



Florist : Michael B Anthony

DJ :Bee Entertainment

Venue :  The Valley @ Frutig Farms

Photography : Dakota + Jason