What a year of growth is has been this year! 2017 I welcomed my little boy – made some amazing additions to Sunflower, and of course dyed my hair… a lot 😉

A big, actually HUGE ‘ THANK YOU‘ to all of my amazing clients, regulars and newbies who gave me the honor to capture your perfect and once in a lifetime moments this year. I am humbled to have been picked as one of the top 26 wedding photographers in the area, and most importantly picked by all of you to be a part of your lives! Thank you, thank you! Without the support, my dreams wouldn’t be a reality.

So let’s start looking at some pictures!!! First a little of my life the past year;

We got to take an amazing trip to Iceland ( my wedding gift a few months later ) and explore the out of this world scenery. If you didn’t know…Iceland is one of my FAVORITE places in the world, so I was PUMPED to have Jonathan and Sawyer experience this wonderful place in the world.

Sometimes my husband travels for work.. and lucky for me, I get to follow him around the country! We spent a few weeks down in Florida, and I convinced my parents to tag along… but honestly who wouldn’t want to leave Michigan for a few weeks in the winter? Also, I apparently enjoy being on an airplane 4 and 6 months preggo 😉

I had the amazing Jess at Jess Marie Photography take some pictures of my round self, a week before Dax made his grand entrance almost a month earlier than he should have!

And then had Bella Baby at Beaumont Hospital, and the very talented Angela Bowers Photography capture his tiny newborn perfectness so I could be in a few pictures myself.

And then of course, I try to take pictures of them on my own ( this year will be better for that! )

Sawyers friend Jameson – a Valentines Shoot

My nieces are all perfect- and a tea party is the BEST when they make the cookies 😉

The Godfathers / My brothers all trying to make sure he was up to snuff … lol


Now to YOU GUYS! Here is a few of my favorite shots from the weddings of 2017!


I’m obviously a fan of laughs and smiles…

and dropping the groom … and the dance moves I have seen this year are





You have style!

So much love was captured this year,

My obsession with shoes… lives on my friends.

I got to travel to some amazing locations

This one is already trying to take my job!

CAKE She didn’t want to share with me… 

More cake! Rainy day shoots, because my clients are adventurous ! 

He tried to share cake with everyone!



and cake did get everywhere..


I’m ending this sweet blog post with my adorable nephew.


Happy 2018 everyone! I can not WAIT to see what it will hold!