Dang… do I have one good looking family ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though! Meet my Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Sharon, their kids ( my cousins ) and all of their kids!! For his birthday he wanted some family pictures, because with this crew, it’s hard to all be in the same state at one time!


I’m so honored to be able to capture these moments for him.. This man is the reason behind my “Purple Dots” Wayy back before I got laser surgery ( so around 8 months old I think ) He sat my mom down, and gave her the strength to make the decision for me, to get treatment for my Port wine Stain. “A portwine stain (nevus flammeus), also commonly called a firemark, is a discoloration of the human skin caused by a vascular anomaly (a capillary malformation in the skin). They are so named for their coloration, which is similar in color to port wine, a fortified red wine from Portugal.” – Thanks Google… now I know why I like wine so darn much ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I was younger, the information wasn’t as available to learn about. So it was a HUGE decision on my parents part, and whatever path they chose, would and did change my life, forever.ย  ( That super cool birth mark I have on my left side- from my cheek, neck down to my chest ) HE is the reason I started the journey, and for that I am forever thankful. The people I have met along the way has changed my life. The doctors and nurses I’ve met along the way have changed my life, and when I made a video for a school project 8 years ago now? The people who contacted me after, just to say, hey… me too, completely changed my life.

There is a lot of people who can say this man has changed his or her life over the years, and I know from his past birthday celebrations, that he is loved by so many. And so many of us are so thankful for him.