Happy Friday Ya’ll! Tomorrow is the first wedding of the season and packing up today, got me thinking about my favorite things about weddings!

1. The Grooms Face when he sees his bride for the first time! ( AND sometimes the second time when she walks down the isle! ) That moment just takes the cake, because the reactions are so truly REAL!

2. THE DETAILS! I am such a detail freak! Seeing all the work, and knowing all the work that goes into the little things, make my heart go pitter patter and I LOVE capturing it!

3. The Dress.

The dress, seeing it on the hanger. Then seeing it on the bride, and having it fit, Like – A – GLOVE. I LOVE capturing how freaking happy everyone around gets and how real it makes it feel!

4. Cake!

Or just the sweet in general. You should probably know if I am invited to document your wedding day, I’m going to have something sweet 😉 Let’s just say it’s my tip hahah!


5. YOU!

Well, past and present Sunflower Couples! You guys are my favorite, I LOVE getting to know each and everyone of you. From the first meeting learning about your love story, to the last dance moves I capture on your dance floor – to the rest of the big events in your life that I am honored to continue capture as your story unfolds!


Tomorrow… it’s going to be such a dreamy day for a Wedding!!




PS You can see some sneak peeks BEFORE the sneak peek Sunday on my Instagram Story! @dakota.atSunflower