This Sunday Brunch wedding, was the start of spring in my opinion! The love Cara and Ben have for each other made the sun shine! NOT ONE cloud in the sky!

Their very good friend, and officiant told the love story, and made me feel like I knew these two for YEARS instead of just a few months. They were destined to meet, and the love story was filled with ‘coincidences’ and ‘oh thats ironic’… but really… just meant to be.

Laughing… and big smiles were the theme of the day! I LOVED capturing Cara’s bridal portraits, because she is effortlessly GORGEOUS. And when Ben is anywhere near her… she glows. It’s amazing… I just love these two!!


It was  fun day for me to catch up with a bit of my ‘past’ Susie ( Cara’s amazing Aunt ) was the one who helped her find me to capture her big day! She was one of my favorite people to wait on when I was a waitress at Red Olive Livonia! I also had the pleasure of seeing another amazing woman I waited on then too!!! So thanks Cara and Ben for giving me a bit of a social hour too 😉

I hope you love for each other grows as abundantly as all of Ben’s plants do 😉

BIG Thanks to all the Vendors!

Venue: Fern Hill Golf Club

Hair and Makeup: Kelsey Roman ( check out her instagram )

Second Shooter: Jason Elstone