I really don’t know where to begin to thank all of you for a full year of capturing amazing, beautiful and REAL moments in your lives! It’s been good one!

It was my first year being ‘back’

Not pregnant, not taking care of a newborn, and not working on my ‘ maternity leave’ for almost 4 years, you have all been so amazing helping me grow my little family and working out all the speed bumps that came with those HUGE changes for myself and Sunflower. I’m SO LUCKY to have such an amazing bunch of Client/Family who have stuck around through it all!


I truly have the best job for myself and my family. Not only do I get to capture your memories but I also get to enjoy my own. THANK YOU for making that dream a reality for going on over 8 years now!? Woah – I’m still trying to figure out where they years went and how much I have grown as an artist, business owner, and person. It’s been one amazing journey I wouldn’t trade for anything.


Thank you to the 20 couples that allowed me the privilege to capture their perfect wedding day! Three of those I got to travel across Michigan and bring my family along for the ride to enjoy the Great Wolf Lodge ( Thank you Mel + Kyle! ) and the beautiful St. Joe MI beach ( Gerry and Tanya! ) I got my own little get away thanks to Meghan and Jesse up at Traverse City and got to eat doughnuts and dance the night away. My team and I made SO many memories, and so many friends over the course of this wedding season – it’s been a true dream. ( I’ll go ahead and say thank you for Jason and Michele here too 😉 )


And then there is the gorgeous families that have given me the honor of watching their kids grow up in front of my camera ( talking about you Harper and Baggett  Families – they have been with me since almost day one! I can not even name everyone  ( it would take the whole post ) that I’ve got to capture their engagement portraits, wedding days, maternity portraits and now newborn and milestone portraits! I’m so grateful for you all.


When your clients become your family, your joys are my joys and your triumphs in life have me cheering at my desk! I love ‘hanging out with you’ while we capture the moments of love between you and your family.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Let’s make 2019 one of spreading our joys and laughter to everyone we encounter!


Oh anddd I found my business phone!!!! 😀 HUZZA~!

Now on to the best part of the blog -some of my favorites from 2018: